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Vivitreats Pack of 30 150g

Vivitreats Pack of 30 150g

Price: £9.31

Vivitreats are a soft and tasty treat designed to help administer tablets to your dog simply, easily and without fuss.

Designed to help alleviate problems that dog owners often have administering tablets long-term, which can lead to vital tablets being missed or treatment being abandoned, Vivitreats is a soft and tasty treat that owners can use to administer any medication.

The medication is disguised within the treat by inserting the tablet into its centre and moulding the Vivitreat around it until completely enclosed.

With propentofylline as its active ingredient, Vivitreats works by enhancing the effects of the bodys naturally-occurring substance adenosine, which increases the supply of blood and oxygen to the major organs such as the brain, heart and skeletal tissue. overall circulation can increase willingness and ability to exercise, improve energy and quality of life, restore demeanour, reduce fatigue and apathy and ease breathing.

So why not try Vivitreats, and turn tablets into tasty treats


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